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American Wirehair

Closely related to the American Shorthair breed, the American Wirehair cat originated from a spontaneous transmutation of a litter among upstate farm felines in New York way back in the 1960s. Distinguished for its springy and even crimped whiskers and coat, this true American feline variety has a large, well-rounded body that may be medium to large in size. Considered to be its most essential characteristic, the American Wirehair’s coat is like a lamb’s wool: tight, coarse, hard-wearing, and bouncy, but usually soft to the touch. The wires are hooked at the ends and are kinky throughout, sometimes even forming tight ringlets. Its appearance can be curly or spiky and as a standard, the whiskers as well as the hair in the breed’s ears shall follow the same form.


The American Wirehair cats are remarkably people-oriented felines with a strong personality and a profound interest in its surroundings. Although often described as rather reserved and quiet, Wirehairs have been observed to be very playful and have a tendency to always look for a way to amuse itself and its owners. Gentle and affectionate, this loving cat can easily form close bonds with all the family members in the household. They are sensitive to the moods of the people around them, and generally make ideal pets for those people who have other four-legged friends at home.


With the breed’s delicate coat, the less grooming, the better. Unless your Wirehair is shedding very heavily, just leave it alone as much as possible as brushing and combing can only damage their curly, lamb-like fur. However, regular bathing can help a lot in getting rid of their dead hair and sometimes the greasy feel that their coat develops.

Health Concerns

American Wirehair cats are a generally hardy breed. Nevertheless, due to the fact that they can be crossed with the American Shorthair line, your Wirehair might develop some of the health problems that affect such breed including a heart disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Best Environment

Like any other cat, this endearing breed is well-suited to any living situation with responsible owners who will love them and take care of them very well. Just keep your American Wirehair cat indoors to keep them away from the dangers outside like communicable diseases from other cats, car accidents, and attacks from other animals.

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