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Check This Out: Cat Litter Review and Giveaway!

Enter below to win a 15-lb box of Simple Solution Cat Litter!

Enter below to win a 15-lb box of Simple Solution Cat Litter!

Ah, the litterbox…a necessary evil for those of us who share our lives with kitties.

How would you describe your perfect cat litter? For me, it needs to keep the home free of cat odors, be lightweight and easy to use, require little maintenance, be affordable, and most importantly – the cats must like it.

Does such a litter exist? YES! I received a box of  Simple Solution 30 Day Super Absorbent Litter and have been blown away. It’s truly unlike any other litter I’ve tried (and believe me, I’ve tried a lot!).

I have 6 cats. I scoop and scrape their boxes every day and dread trash day, when I have to drag about 60 pounds of smelly, used litter to the street. Anyone who has cats has felt this misery. That’s why I’m so excited about Simple Solution’s new litter – there are no clumps of urine to scoop out of the box! What’s more, the litter is lightweight – about half the weight of standard clumping litter. When I received my box from Simple Solution, it was so light I assumed they had only sent a sample size. To my surprise, when I opened the package, there was a full-sized box of litter inside. More than enough to fill one of my litter boxes so the cats could give it a try.

Simple Solution is a clay litter. But unlike other clay litters, which are made from bentonite clay, Simple Solution is made from pure attapulgite clay. Attapulgite clay is 300% more absorbent than bentonite and is able to rejuvenate itself repeatedly while staying intact. In other words, it’s so super absorbent that it doesn’t clump. As a result, you never, ever have to scoop urine clumps out of it! Like magic, it stays completely dry. Attapulgite clay also draws the moisture (and odor) out of feces, leaving it dry and odorless. I just scoop a few “solids” out of the litter pan every night and it’s like a box full of fresh, new, dry litter.

As if that’s not enough, some other features that make this litter unique are the color, texture, and feel of the litter:

It’s a light pink color – more pleasing to look at than typical drab gray.

It feels soft to the touch – infused with aloe, the litter is gentler on kitty paws than traditional clumping litter.

It’s low dust. This is a big plus for me, as some of my cats are very sensitive to dusty litters. And, it’s great for humans with allergies, too.

It’s lightly scented, so not only are you NOT smelling cat urine, the litter box area stays smelling fresh.

It’s less tracking. The litter is dry and less sticky than conventional clumping litters, so it isn’t tracked through the whole house (and into my bed…).

I’ve been using Simple Solution litter for a week now. I’m so impressed by it that I’ve decided to switch all my boxes over to the new litter! As weird as it sounds, I look forward to scooping at night because it’s really that easy. The litter will last a full odor-free month – even with my six cats using it! Just imagine how much money I’ll save! (And imagine how happy my garbage carriers will be!)

The new Simple Solution 30 day cat litter is available in two sizes, 9 lbs. and 15 lbs., and sells for $10.99 to $15.99.

To learn more about Simple Solution 30 Day Cat Litter and find out where to buy it, visit, Give Simple Solution a like on Facebook, or follow @Simple_Solution on Twitter.

We’re giving away a 15 pound box of Simple Solution cat litter to 5 lucky readers! Enter below to win:

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