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Grandma Issues Warning After Cat Dies in Horrible Washing Machine Accident


An Idaho Falls grandmother is issuing a warning to owners after her cat died in a tragic accident Thursday afternoon.

Jamie Prestwich says her 3-year-old granddaughter put the black cat, named Addie, into the washer and turned the machine on. Every night, Prestwich and her granddaughter do laundry together, and the young child has just learned how to turn the machine on. She thought the black cat was dirty and needed a bath.

“She thought she was helping and that the cat would be OK,” Prestwich told the East Idaho News. “It was just a horrible accident, and we’re heartbroken.”

The granddaughter is devastated and, “broke down bawling” when she learned what happened to Addie. By sharing this tragic story, Prestwich hopes to prevent similar situations from happening to others.

“Use the child-locks on the washing machines and teach your kids what can happen if you put animals inside,” she says. “It’s just a sad ordeal.”

Cats love to hide in dark, tight spaces – like washers and dryers! Remember to shut laundry room doors and always check your appliances before you turn them on.

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