Walter Speaks
I’m Just Trying to Remind Her…

My human usually feeds me at 8:00 in the morning and again at 5:00 in the evening. I’m curious, friends, if you agree with me that eating only two times a day is simply not enough? I’ve started giving her hints that I’m hungry – like sitting on her shoulder, screaming in her ear, clawing... [more]

Cats Being Crazy
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The Importance of Dental Care in Cats

Dental disease in cats is one of the most common health issues seen by vets. As a matter of fact, about 70 to 85% of pet[more]

How to Clicker Train your Cat

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Do You Let your Cat Outdoors?

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The 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds: Did Yours Make the List?

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Guide to Giving Cat Treats

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Infographic: How Does Catnip Affect Cats?

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Cat-Friendly Gardening

Lots of pet owners enjoy gardening but they’re concerned their curious cat will accidentally nibble the wrong sort of [more]

Kitty First Aid Basics

Medical emergencies often happen without warning. That’s why it is very essential for all pet owners to be familiar of[more]

Why Do Cats Scratch? …And How Can I Keep them from Scratching my Furniture?

Though it can be disquieting and even annoying at times, scratching is considered to be natural cat behavior. In fact, i[more]

Ask the Trainer: Fighting in a Multi-Cat House

Dear Jennifer: Over the last several years we have rescued 6 cats. There are three female and three male cats which have[more]


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