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Hometown Hero! Officer Saves Cat With Head Stuck in Peanut Butter Jar

Riverside County Animal Services

Riverside County Animal Services

Looks like a cat with a taste for peanut butter got herself into a jam…

Fortunately, 23-year-old animal lover, Alyssa Cline and her nephew found the black and white kitty with the jar stuck on her head and attempted to rescue her. They put the cat in a crate in their garage and Cline used a pair of scissors to try and cut the plastic peanut butter jar off – but the scissors broke.

Soon Riverside County Animal Services Officer Carra Mathewson showed up with a Leatherman multi-tool device. Cline said in a news release:

“She got here so fast and she got that jar off like it was nothing.”

Riverside County Animal Services

Riverside County Animal Services

A few snips around the edge of the container, and Mathewson was able to remove the container easily without hurting the scared cat, who has been taken to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus to treat a maggot infestation in both ears. Once the kitty recovers, she’ll be available for adoption if her owner doesn’t come forward.

Though the cat had her head stuck in a generic-brand jar of peanut butter, she has been given an appropriate new nickname – Skippy.

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